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UBCO 2x2 Kick ass work Bike
  • Suspension- The UBCO has nailed this allowing full adjustment to suit. This provides a comfortable ride. River stones can have your teeth chattering when trying to get to your fishing hole but as I say UBCO have nailed this one.

  • Breaking system- Well this was a learning curve for me as the system has regenerative breaking..How did I test or learn this? Going down hill with 45kg of venison on an unmaintained forestry road..I realised I was not pumping the forearms as much as I expected to keep control of the situation..Again..UBCO nailed it.

  • To conclude- This tool allows you to quietly enter the wilderness which its built for. Carries the load and "has your back." They are built solid. Like anything you need to learn your tool to truly unleash its potential. 

For the past four years I have tested the UBCO 2x2 Off road work bike. The distinctive qualities are a bike built to do what it was made to do...and thats work! or Mahi as we call it here in Aotearoa. 

What did I need in an off road transportational tool?

  • Affordable to run- my hunt consists of a 30km return trip with 3/4 being a steady climb to 564m Alt. This equates to a battery remainder of 28% on return home. This means that charging is 2x per week for 2 hunts and from a power bill side of things is around $6. Winning as in hunters terms thats very cheap protein.

  • I needed a bike that could handle the weight of the animals harvested. This on average is around 40kg. I have found that the carriage platforms that are an added accessory provide a solid place where standard quick straps allow the animal to be firmly tied down. The balance takes a couple of goes to get right but hey..I had 15km first go to sort that learn quick eh!.The ablity to drive your harvest off the hill is one that allows my knees to age a little slower. Every meter my bike carries is a moment of grattitude to say the least.

Hunters Element- TOA

Hunters Element Toa Tapua- Clothing in the bush is really important. Factors such as visability to fellow hunters and the ability to break up the outline of the hunter to deceive the eyes of the ungulates we hunt are factors built in to this hooded bush Jacket.

The options for a short or long sleeve to suit the hunter are availible and the DWR helps bead water and dew off you while you stalk. 

This is a practical throw and go Jacket that with a packable light weight water proof shell will have you covered for the best part of the hunt.

We have built our product from recycled plastic bottles as we believe there is no point creating more plastic on this earth..Its one step to do better and we continue to push ourselves with the values of doing best. Thanks to all that support our journey to doesint go unnoticed. Check us out on the Hunters Element website. Or by clicking the photo. 

AEG 18v 12" Battery Chainsaw

I had thought hard about this commitment over a period of time, A battery chainsaw sounded good, Especially clearing tracks for the UBCO bike to get to new areas out in the forestry. I had searched the brands and was surprised to see the amount of options out there. AEG has been a brand thats affordable and Trade solid in its build. And in this case compact. Why 18v?- Because that served the same battery as my drills, saws and other power tools. This was a great decision. De-limbing branches, Camp fire wood etc. Zero gas needed. I have tested using a 4amp battery. This was ample for the track work. Best cut was 200mm stump. Keep it sharp, use chain oil and as always #staysafe #stayhearty!

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