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From Bushman to Craftsman..

Toa Custom Longbow..

From humble beginings the Toa Longbow like many brands have progressed over the years. From a small shed where the most simplest of bows were made to the Rustic Country workshop that now houses the tools for the dedicated craftsmen.



Toa Speargun

This is something special...but youll have to wait! ..series 4 is almost here : )


The Toa Workshop is fully booked with orders until march 2025

Philosophy of the trad bow Journey...

Since a very young age I have been intrigued and drawn to the Ancient arts in the realms of the hunter gatherer, This lead me to many years finding solice in creating the tools of the past and in turn found that journey lead me to learn the capabilities of our natural materials. The bow came naturally to me as did the natural world and to feel a tree and know within it a bow awaits to be withdrawn from it inspired me to delve deeper connecting craft and the natural world togeather. The bow allows one to be patient, awear, cautious and connected, all atributes of a connected predator. 


"Have been shooting my TOA bow for about 8 months now and have been really successful setting 2 New Zealand Trad archery records and shooting a great first World championship finishing with a close second place taking Silver medal. This bow has met all expectations as a competitive archer"-  Cryrille Le Vesque.. Classic D 68" 56lbs. 

"I’ve always aligned myself with traditional societies ideas and life styles, so why not try hunt like them too?
The bow is a hard one to master, at this stage i feel like i will always be a student of the bow. When I first picked one up it was awkward and untrustworthy. But i practiced with my Toa long bow until I became more comfortable with the mechanics of it.
Shooting with Bowyer Owen from Toa Hunter Gatherer one night and he says I’m ready for a hunt. I had practiced for one month.
So around 11 am the next morning I stepped in to the bush. A beautiful ridge, sun light coming through, a hind on her bed just 15m away staring at me while i fumble with my bow string and stance. Once again I am a beginner in the art of hunting and all the joy of learning something new refreshes the taste of hunting.
The hind is gone. I circle around trying to pick up the yearling.
The arrow leaves the bow with a hiss, hits with a pop and exits with a sucking noise. I learned this as I harvested my first bow shot deer. Some deer seem to be born as gifts to help a hunter along a journey, this is one. It didn’t, run, hide or seem alarmed. I took its meat and the nutrient dense heart for food. Soon I will be back to look for another". Jethro McKay R/D 68" 62lbs

"Join the Tradbow hunters journey, share the adventure"..
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