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Bushcraftsman. Kaitiaki. Hunter


From a very young age Owen has been passionate about wild country, learning the habitats of the animals with a sense to always want to stay connected. "We are here to care and keep balance take sustenance from the wild to sustain our families and in doing so gain knowledge of our direct environments so that we can understand the balance needed within it". Born in Te Urewera, the ancestral home of the Tuhoe people also known as Children of the mist, Owens hunter gatherer bloodline remains strong.  


Within the realms of Kaitiakitanga or Guardianship for the natural world brings a degree of Adventure. It is here Owen thrives using his knowledge of the natural world and bushcraft which allows him to thrive with the most simplest tools in wild country. This knowledge has taken him throughout Aotearoa- New Zealand where he has added to his basket of knowledge from teachings of the best in their craft where he shares with his class of kids keen to explore the wild.

"Its very satisfying using natural materials harvested then and there in the moment. To create a tool in the wild and sustain through hunting and gathering with that tool gives me a moment of connection to our ancestors, and a link to all hunter gatherers of the past. The more knowledge one has the less they need to carry, and it all adds to the adventure." 

Hunt.Gather.Provide - This is the full circle of Toa Hunter Gatherer

Owen MS Boynton -Toa Hunter Gatherer

Toa- Maori word for "Warrior"

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