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Bushcraftsman. Connector. Hunter


From a very young age I have been passionate about te taiao- wild country, learning the habitats of the animals with a sense to always want to stay connected. "We are here to care and keep balance take sustenance from the wild to sustain our families and in doing so gain knowledge of our direct environments to further understand the balance needed within it". Born in Te Urewera, the ancestral home of the Tuhoe people also known as Children of the mist, the hunter gatherer bloodline remains strong.  


Within the realms of Kaitiakitanga or Guardianship for the natural world brings a degree of Adventure and the opportunity to connect to it. Each day brings an opportunity to make our connection with the Taiao for myself its a place to keep my natural rhythm in check and in tune. 

"Hunting and gathering gives me a moment of connection to our ancestors, and an opportunity to learn and understand from other like minded hunters. 

"Te Manu kai miro no na te ngahere, te manu kai matauranga, no na te Ao"

The bird that consumes the berry..the forest is theirs..the bird that consumes knowledge..the world is theirs"

Hunt.Gather.Provide - This is the full circle of Toa Hunter Gatherer

Toa Hunter Gatherer

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